Redwerks Open Source Libraries

At Redwerks I sometimes build libraries we release as open-source and use in client projects.


I'm currently working on a number of projects for Univerus.

More info in the future.

  • React
  • Material UI
  • MSAL

Game Face

I rebuilt the entire frontend of the Game Face platform and created a new messaging system for coaches and athletes.

  • React
  • Material UI
  • Realtime Chat
  • Video Transcoding
  • NestJS
  • TypeORM
  • GraphQL
  • TUC

Agreement Express Mobile App

Agreement Express contracted me to build a mobile application in React Native to go along with the new "mv2" frontend I partially built for them.

  • React Native

Agreement Express Template Builder

I built the core of a "Template Builder" system. It allowed users to author complex web forms with a series of form widgets and column layouts. These forms were used to create signable documents used in the rest of Agreement Express' platform.

  • React

MediaWiki ShortURL Configuration Tool

As an internal project when I was still working on MediaWiki projects I built a Short URL configuration tool for the MediaWiki community. The tool scans the server information from a live MediaWiki installation and provides the server and MediaWiki configuration necessary to setup Short URLs on the MediaWiki installation.

  • Ruby
  • MediaWiki