Ugh... blogs

Ugh... I think I'm through with blog engines for now.

Wordpress is a insecure bloated mess and is a pain to customize. Typo has some issues with the editor and various other annoying parts, and even though the skinning system is better, I still can't integrate it with my site without duplicating my templates. Various other CMS systems all have some sort of issue with them that also makes them unsutable for my use as a blog. And I haven't found anything else that's near decent to use.

I've just decided to stop bothering with the blog platforms and compile a blog using the same Rhino based JavaScript script I made to compile my site (replacing the old version of nanoc for ruby I was using). I can ignore comments and use Disquis to handle them instead. I'll probably import my old posts in some way and make note of the old comments.

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