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Meta posts talking about this blog itself.

CC-0 Code snippets

Recently I re-looked over licenses and license related posts for a project at work. And after reading an old blog post on being sure to pick any license I thought about my blog posts. I've included code snippets in them sometimes for others to use and never declared any permissions for them.

Now the copyright of these simple functional snippets is relatively debatable and any license at all (even the tiny MIT license) is really too much for snippets. Frankly…

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Website Rewrite

I've completely rewritten the back and front ends of my website.

My old website theme was based off of one of the first desktop themes that I used. I didn't have any other idea to base a website design for myself off of. And there is no way I'd ever use a stock website template. Unfortunately since it was based off a desktop theme it wasn't the best design for people to read posts from. Even after I dropped the…


Social Media and Me

I "have" a Facebook account, same with Twitter, Flickr, the various IM services, Wave, and Meetup accounts, I leave various IRC servers open, heck I recently signed up for Linked In. And of course I have this blog.

But I have a strong disuse of most of them.

  • Twitter: My Twitter is sparsely used. Posting wise I consider it a technical outlet, or a connection to the public internet, I generally avoid posting personal things to it. I use…

Disqus For Comments

As I've noted before I'm using disqus for my comments. Disqus is an external comment system, it can be embedded just about anywhere.

There are some nice points and some negatives right now.

As an external service disqus is completely separate from my blog. I don't need any local auth system, I don't need to store stuff in a local database, and I don't need a server-side language. ;) In other words, it works beautifully on sites built out of…


New website and blog!

Here it is... As I mentioned before (ok, none of you read that post before I wrote this one because that was a local post and I hadn't published the new site yet) I've been working on revamping my entire website, and I've dropped the old blog system and went completely static-html compiled with a JavaScript script on the server.

For starters, I'll make note of the features of the blog. Since you're looking at this right now it probably…


Ugh... blogs

Ugh... I think I'm through with blog engines for now.

Wordpress is a insecure bloated mess and is a pain to customize. Typo has some issues with the editor and various other annoying parts, and even though the skinning system is better, I still can't integrate it with my site without duplicating my templates. Various other CMS systems all have some sort of issue with them that also makes them unsutable for my use as a blog. And I haven't…