Social Media and Me

I "have" a Facebook account, same with Twitter, Flickr, the various IM services, Wave, and Meetup accounts, I leave various IRC servers open, heck I recently signed up for Linked In. And of course I have this blog.

But I have a strong disuse of most of them.

  • Twitter: My Twitter is sparsely used. Posting wise I consider it a technical outlet, or a connection to the public internet, I generally avoid posting personal things to it. I use it more like a business might use it than the random breakfast posting tweeter. In the end I don't post much.
  • Facebook: I vehemently guard my Facebook friends list. My Facebook friends list is only for people I have a real personal connection of some sort to. I reject friends of family members I don't have something close to a personal dialogue with. I reject random people who make friend requests. I reject people who "might" be distant relatives but I don't remember ever actively talking to. Generally I try to avoid accepting anyone who might end up as a 'vanity' friend — someone who I'll probably never really talk to and just exist as a entry in a list of supposed "Friends". I consider Facebook a "private" social medium, I only connect to people I personally know, not people I connect with over the internet focused around topics. Only having around 20 people on my friends list is on purpose, the idea of having that list grow to 100+ disgusts me. In the end as well, I don't have much reason to open it up, and just wait for any e-mail notification about messages to pop in.
  • Flickr: I signed up to Flickr because I thought that some of my photo galleries like my work gallery and projects didn't fit as Facebook galleries. I don't really like Facebook, And like I just mentioned I consider it "private", so it didn't make sense to keep them on Facebook. However after some use of Flickr I've been looking into setting up a private app just for posting image galleries of my own.
  • LinkedIn: I'm not exactly looking for a job, but after some thought I decided I should probably start paying attention to the world of networking with people that open up potential job opportunities. So I ended up signing up on LinkedIn. Hasn't been that long so I haven't done much with it of course.

Despite scarcely using my social media accounts I "do" have a draw to being social, but none of the social media mediums seam to fit.

  • Something pops into my head, and I want to bounce it off some other people, get some other ideas about it, or just want to make a comment and get a response.
  • The thoughts are too big for a byte-size medium, so Twitter and Facebook status messages are too short.
  • The thoughts are too small for making a full blog post, and I want quick feedback. I don't believe there are many people that even read this blog.
  • I don't want to jump into a "slow" medium, I want to know if someone is going to respond. So Twitter doesn't fit.
  • I want to push something out into the open where people aren't completely focused around me, where people actually are and can respond. Twitter is fairly wide open, but it's not really something I ever get responses from, much less quick ones. So the follow model doesn't really fit.
  • I want something persistent. If the discussion doesn't pick up, I want someone to be able to notice it later and respond to it and end with me getting a notification. And also as an archive. So IRC doesn't really work for that.
  • There usually isn't an IRC channel that will fit with the though.
  • I want to know if anyone is paying attention. People idle in IRC and notice discussions, people tie Twitter into their notification systems, but people don't really sit around with Wave open.

In the end I end up using a varying IRC channel almost like Twitter to try and spark a discussion.

Anyone know of a social medium that might fit my public socializing better?

I wonder if I should create an app that acts as an amalgamation of a number of social media and provides a real-time persistent place for discussion and connection to other social networks. Then again, even if I started that I'd probably never complete it. Too much else to do, and completing my own ideas hardly works when there's no backing pushing it.

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