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A HTML5 Browser maze, oninput support

While I was working on version 3 of Kommonwealth I got back to a part of our interface which makes use of live input events (ie: Events that fire as you type into the input) to offer a preview before the onchange event is used to actually change the data by sending an ajax post to the server.

For those who haven't heard of the oninput event, it's part of the html5 spec. You know those older ui parts such…

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A Look Over RaphaƫlJS

RaphaëlJS is a JavaScript Vector Library. It uses SVG as a backend in browsers that support it (most modern browsers), and uses VML in IE. It provides a fairly easy to use API that allows you to programmably generate Vector graphics inline in a HTML document. The result is a vector canvas with dynamically generated content which can be made interactive using the mouse and keyboard handling built into the browser already for HTML, and includes animation functionality built into…


JavaScript; A beauty, the mistake we made about libraries

I realized one of the old reasons why some don't consider server-side JS ready could actually already be considered a fun little mistake.

One of the old cited reasons why server side js isn't ready is "Lack of libraries". Ya, io needs some standardization (and perhaps more clean APIs), and there are various low-level things which need building. However there is one thing I think we can actually nicely tick of as mistake.

General libraries for different types of markup…


with(obj) { ... } a necessary evil.

For those who haven't seen the statement yet, the with() statement in JavaScript allows an object to be pushed onto the scope chain.

In short the common reason for it to be useful is if you had something like and then instead of typing that over and over you could use something like with( { a; b; }.

Unfortunately nearly every example people show is a poor example of how to use it, and then Crockford went…